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Incredibly well made, clean and beautiful, functions fantastically, and is aesthetically extremely pleasing. My fiancee loves having a safe, secure and gorgeous home for her ring. Thanks again! -Jon T. Canada

My fiancee is beyond thrilled about the box and loves how unique it is. - Dipam P. New Jersey

Just picked it up today, it's perfect! Thanks so much! -Ian F. Canada

That ring case was the highlight of the engagement. Alex B. - Ontario

It's great. [the ring] fits in perfectly. - Dylan M. Texas

I just asked tonight and she said yes. Thanks again for the amazing box. -Kenneth L. Florida

We love the box. It's a perfect way to keep the ring and it works great! -Richard T. Ohio

It is fantastic! It looks amazing and operates perfectly. We are both very impressed with the quality. - John H. Canada

It's a perfect fit, and works great! Very beautiful. -Matt K. Texas

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